“We’re loathe to impugn your aesthetic sensibilities… but…” 

Article by Edna Farmer

EDVILLE—Well, I got an awful lot of mail in response to my piece on cottagers leaving their summer toys piled up all over the place when they bug out for winter. I must have hit a nerve.

So I’m going to take up the issue that really gets to the heart of exurban life these days. You know what I’m talking about. Abandoned trailers.

Now, from what I can see, you’ve got three categories of trailers. There are the ones that are dispatched to parks and campsites over the summer months but have to be stored for winter. You can tell these ones by the fact that they’re well-maintained, they sit level, and they have inflated tires.

Then there are the ones parked on people’s lawns for year-round use, and these, too, are mostly well-looked-after.

But it’s the third sort that we really need to talk about—the ones governed by the Noah’s Ark principle, namely that wherever they come to rest after the deluge they remain for all eternity. 

You can identify these ones a mile away—they’re decrepit, and often leaning precariously to one side atop shredded tires or rotting tree stumps. As you move closer, you can see extensive rust, watermarking and mold, or maybe broken and boarded windows. And when you’re right up close, you can tell from the odour that the only mammals to have set foot in them in years are raccoons. I wish I could say that trailers such as these are few and far between, but alas…

So, what to do?

Well, a lot of you RVers and campers are loyal Gazette readers, by golly, and as long as you are, we’re loathe to impugn your aesthetic sensibilities on this or any other matter.

But now it’s got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be just dandy if you gave us all a break and got rid of that god-forsaken eyesore?

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