1 man’s 3-continent 4,500 km marathon to bring attention to plight of monarch butterflies

Image: La Presse/François Roy

Very soon, the ultra-marathoner Anthony Battah will follow monarch butterflies on their migration from Canada to Mexico where they migrate to for the winter, with the aim of drawing attention to the existential threat facing this important pollinator.

The athletic challenge is immense: Anthony will cross 3 countries (Canada-USA-Mexico) and cover 4500 km in 90 days, averaging 50 km per day. He will depart from Montreal on July 29, 2023 and plans to arrive on November 1, 2023 at the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in central Mexico.

The idea was born from a deep desire to take action in the face of a critical ecological situation.

The magnitude of the challenge is an illustration of the magnitude of the problem and the solution.

According to race PR persons, “Around August 6th (the date itself if subject to changes), he will be passing through Colbourne.”

Editor’s Note: The communicator who sent this message to Cramahe Now has not responded to a question about the spelling of Colborne. Efforts to find his route online were not successful. So we are not 100% sure that this ultra-marathoner will pass through town. If he does, you will know why he is here and where he is going. If not, his commitment is so large, you might take his effort to heart and think about what small steps you could take to improve the planet.UPDATE: The communicator did get back to me, Antony Battah will be running through Colborne around August  6 on his way to Mexico.

Here are his links:

Website: https://ultratrailmonarque.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ultratrailmonarque/