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Opinion by Dave Glover

Former Governor General David Johnston was tasked to review allegations of foreign interference in Canadian democracy.

He did so, because of a number of alleged security leaks that were published by certain Canadian media outlets that were then amplified by the propaganda outrage machine of the Canadian right wing. Specifically, by the dyspeptic Leader of the Canada’s Official Opposition, the Conservative Party of Canada.

Journalist Bob Fife made allegations that he’d obtained from an anonymous security insider, facts that show that the Chinese Communist Government in Beijing was spying on and targeting Chinese-Canadian politicians.

None of these claims came with any proof or evidence. They are simply unsubstantiated allegations.

Whipped up by the furor of the CPC outrage farmers, the allegations of cover up now include even the Prime Minister of Canada.


Why would the PM cover up these allegations? How would they benefit him?

The answer of course is they wouldn’t have benefitted him. If anything, the Canadian arrest and detention of Meng Wanzhou, an executive for the Chinese tech giant Huawei, an ordeal that stretched out during the pandemic which greatly agitated the Chinese government, would have been a reason for China to work against Trudeau, not in his favour.

Since the allegations of Chinese interference were made public, it has been shown that the PM, PMO & staff had no knowledge of any alleged acts of espionage. No knowledge because the agency tasked with gathering the data didn’t deem there was any breach of national security and therefore, didn’t feel the need to inform the PM, PMO, staffers or the MP’s who were allegedly targeted. 

The whistle blower even stated in an anonymous op-ed that the alleged spying incursions resulted in no breaches of our security and didn’t affect the outcome of the past two general elections.

Of course, these facts make no difference to the CPC rage farmers. Who – daily – sow seeds of division in Canada as a matter of sport.

All of this could’ve been sorted immediately if the leader of the official opposition had simply been read into the ongoing work of NSICOP:


These security departments are tasked with keeping our national security secrets.

Mr. Poilievre, the opposition leader, however, refused the necessary security vetting required to be cleared to be briefed at the highest level.

Let me repeat that, the leader of the official opposition refused to get the security clearance required to be read into this obviously sensitive and ongoing investigation.

Offered the opportunity, by the PM, the Special Rapporteur and even the security establishment, he refused at every opportunity. 

He even refused to meet with the Special Rapporteur on four separate occasions.

Again, the question…


Opposition MP’s are hurling accusations at the PM claiming there is a cover up, but why can’t they can’t say what’s being covered up?

They claim the Trudeau Foundation is involved, yet again, offering no evidence to back up their claim.

Not mentioned in the Johnston report, they know full well the foundation was never a part of the alleged foreign interference claim.

Conflating wholly separate issues into a colourful distortion narrative which is one part propaganda and two parts conservative fever dream, is typical of a day’s work at the outrage farm where the seeds of distemper and false facts are planted regularly.

At no time, was the Trudeau Foundation mentioned in the so-called leaks but that doesn’t stop the farmers of outrage and scandal narrative trying to grow their seedy crop in the public’s mind.

Apparently, they don’t care if the integrity and reputation of a Canadian statesman (our former Governor General) is ruined as long as they can blame Trudeau.

Why is the leader of the official opposition refusing to be vetted? Why is he refusing to be read in. He claims to care about our national security. 

And why isn’t Canadian Media challenging him on this and why aren’t the rage farmers asking, too?

What has Mr. Poilievre to hide?

As Mr. Johnston said in his response this scandal is more partisan in nature than it is substance.

More to the point, why is the official opposition so interested in undermining the Canadian security establishment and the Canadian Supreme Court of Canada rather than asking answers of their leader?



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