Brighton Truss has yet to open but it already has clients eager to do
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Story by News Now Staff / Photos Supplied

Local contractors and developers have been asking when the manufacturing facility will begin production “because there is such a demand in the area for roof trusses,” said Brad O’Neill, one of the co-owners.

Brighton Truss is in the final stages of converting a warehouse at 40 Butler St. that was used most recently to store furniture. “We’ve done an extensive overhaul on the building and put in six offices,” O’Neill said. The interior was gutted to open up 30,000 square feet of space for the installation of “the most technologically advanced equipment available on the market today,” including overhead lasers and truss tables “controlled by a computer to ensure exact precision.

Brighton Truss will begin by employing approximately 15 people. “Our team is highly experienced and we’re 110 per cent driven to go above and beyond the norm,” producing high quality roof trusses,” he said. “It’s going to be a great facility to work at. It’s all brand new equipment and we’re excited about it.”

The company’s plans have been so well-received that “we have had to retool our initial financial forecast plan multiple times” added O’Neill to match the interest that’s been shown. The market area Brighton Truss envisions serving extends roughly from Peterborough to Kingston “It’s important that we … do a good job walking before we run (to) make sure everybody is satisfied,” O’Neill said.

“Residential construction is starting to skyrocket and building materials are in high demand. It’s a “sure thing (that) we’re going to be busy,” and to meet the challenge that he and his partners have taken on, they’ve committed a lot of money to a project that has taken five years to come to fruition. There is space in the building to increase capacity when required, “and we know exactly what equipment will help increase capacity and have planned for it in our current layout,” O’Neill said.

Also on Butler – a new building centre.

Brighton Home Building Centre is a new venture as well but it’s a separate entity located at the east end of the truss manufacturing facility, with O’Neill as the sole proprietor. 

Featuring 7,500 square feet of retail space, it will be dedicated to professional contractors, builders and DIYers looking to purchase lumber, doors, windows, flooring, paint, or plumbing and electrical supplies for home renovations and additions.
“You name it, we aim to have what you need to stay local and shop local,” O’Neill said.

The business will employ approximately 12 people whose duties will include looking after contractor sales, providing building solutions, paint, plumbing & electrical services.

There’s an expert paint specialist with more than 15 years’ experience who “will be able to match any colour you want to bring to us,” he said, and “a local Brighton plumbing expert like no other. His 20-plus years of knowledge isn’t his best quality, it’s his fanatical passion for outstanding customer service. Attitude is everything in this business.” O’Neill is very well-versed in running a Home Hardware Building Centre.

He’s been a Home Hardware dealer since 2004 and in 2019 the Home Hardware Building Centre he co-owns in Cobourg received an Outstanding Retailer Award (ORA) for being the best of its kind in ALL of Canada among those over 15,000 square feet.
Outstanding retailer awards are the equivalent of “the industry’s Olympics,” he said.

In 2018 O’Neill and his team were recognized by Home Hardware as the “Best Home Hardware Building Centre” in the entire country for centres 15,000 square feet and larger. O’Neill said the truss facility and home building centre will mean “more dollars staying in the community of Brighton, and more jobs.”

He had high praise for the assistance he’s received from municipal staff, including Mayor Brian Ostrander, CAO Bob Casselman, Paul Walsh and CBO Rick Jones, and their entire municipal team, saying they “have been very helpful, professional and well-versed at their work. It’s clear Brighton is transforming and the team in place seems very well-suited to sustainably manage the steady growth.”

“We’re excited to get going,” O’Neill said.

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