Garage/yard sales can expand 

The main difference between the province’s guidelines for reopening in Stage Two and Stage Three is the capacity limits in each phase.

Under Step Two rules, no more than 25 people were allowed for outdoor sales, with no more than 5 people allowed for indoor sales. 

Step Three rules allow with the following COVID-19 restrictions in place: 

  1. Up to 100 people for outdoor sales at one time 
  2. People should keep 2 metres apart from anyone outside their household
  3. It’s best to display sale items outdoors, not inside garages or other enclosed structures, as the risk of spreading COVID-19 outdoors is lower.
  4. If you decide to display items inside, no more than 25 people are allowed inside at one time (physical distancing must be maintained) 
  5. Alcohol-based hand sanitiser should be provided and its use recommended
  6. Masks must be worn inside for any sales (except if all members of the same household) and are recommended outdoors if people cannot maintain 2 metres (6 feet) physical distance from anyone outside their household

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