Combined efforts of 8 East Northumberland Secondary School students

Win the Top School Award (Secondary School) in the 2021 virtual Peterborough Regional Science Fair

  1. Jessica Livingston – A Mountain of Technofossils: Is this the hill we want to die on?
  • First place, Senior Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • $1000 Entrance Scholarship, Trent University
  • $100 Third Place overall, trip to Canada-Wide Science Fair
  1. Andrew Phillips and Kendrick Webster – Get the Lead Out! Testing, Analysis & Recommendations for Lead-Free Drinking Water at KPRDSB Schools
  • First place, Senior Health & Life Sciences
  • $200 Noblegen Impact Award
  • $1000 Entrance Scholarship, University of Ottawa
  1. Kennedy Drover-Flichett and Amy Rushlow – Going Soil-Free with Aquaponics
  • Second place, Senior Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • $150 Professional Engineers of Ontario Peterborough Chapter – Innovation & Impact Award
  1. Ainsley Hickerson and Abby Fobear – Respect the Soil! Keeping pH neutral despite climate stresses
  • Third place, Senior Earth & Environmental Sciences
  1. Ciarra Lungley – Going Green! How to green your business

Congratulations to all PRSF students and good luck to Jess at the Canada-Wide Science Fair in May.