“We know that due to COVID collisions are down, traffic is down and yet rates continue to climb”

Article by Valerie MacDonald

Most people are driving far less than they did before the beginning of the pandemic last year – yet overall, vehicle insurance rates have not gone down in the province

Determining factors in how much car insurance costs says Jacqueline Driver of The Co-operators in CobourgTogether are: home address, car year and type, driver’s age and driving record, plus yearly mileage.

Despite an increased number of people working from home, due to stay-at-home orders and emergency declarations because of COVID-19, reports auto insurance rates have gone up almost 10% in the past two years across Ontario.

Possibly good news is that Port Hope and Cobourg are claimed to be among the five spots in Ontario where rates are the cheapest, according to a recently published report. The others are Napanee, Kingston and Brockville. The highest rates are in the Greater Toronto Area.

Using the example of a driver of a 2017 Honda Civic, age 35, with a good driving record, the average premium in the five above locations, is just over $1,110, according to the published report.

The Co-operators provided the News Now Network (NNN) with a local comparison for a 35-year-old living in this area stating the annual policy would be $1,641 with travel limited to 10,000 kilometres and $2-million liability coverage.

Because Cobourg and Port Hope along with other parts of Northumberland are also home to a large percentage of seniors, NNN also acquired a quotation for a 65-year-old with the same driving details as the person 30 years younger.

The annual policy is quoted as $1,354.

Several local insurance company officers were also contacted but they did not provide quotes by press time. However, quotes provided for an elderly individual ranged from just under $700 for someone not driving to work each day, to just over $1,000.

Accident lawyer representative, Kris Bonn, president of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association stated in the published report that insurance needs to be more transparent.

“We know that due to COVID collisions are down, traffic is down and yet rates continue to climb.”