Bewdley transfer site has 70,000 patrons yearly, with 470 to 500 cars/trucks daily

Article by Valerie MacDonald

Above image: entrance to Bewdley Transfer site

By the end of July, Northumberland County’s recycling plant near Grafton reached its annual projected recycling revenue from the yearly sale of all of its recycling commodities.

That total is $730,000, the County’s waste manager Adam McCue told members of its public works committees during its Aug. 30 meeting.

While recycling revenue is up and bag tags and tipping fees revenues strong at the beginning of the year, they have since levelled off. Wages, supplies and materials needed in the waste department are over budget including $15,000 for advertising, public works committee members were told.

Despite this, as of the end of the second quarter, there is a $165,000 surplus in the County budget.

In other committee decisions, Warden Bob Crate and Deputy Warden Many Martin are asking the County to support a motion from Kitchener for governments to address the rising costs of building materials. The motion is also going to many other leaders at various government levels including Justin Trudeau, Doug Ford and the riding’s two federal and provincial representatives.

And there is an Online Public Information Study update looking at the preliminary design for Highway 401 just west of Cranberry Road to just east of County Road 28. County staff are to review the environmental assessment information it provides. It can be seen at*

The committee also heard proposed motions contained in staff-generated issue papers related to transportation, waste and facilities.

One of these suggestions is to do away with seasonal Hazardous Waste depots at Seymour and Cobourg and to keep the permanent ones at the Brighton Landfill and Bewdley transfer station. These seasonal locations two were not open this year due to the pandemic and McCue said this could potentially result in $30,000 in cost savings annually going forward.

He also said that the Bewdley transfer site has increased in use to over 70,000 patrons yearly, with up to 470 to 500 cars/trucks daily.  Because of this staff are suggesting to add a third scale (so there would be one in bound and two outbound) to deal with high volume times and long lines. The County staff are suggesting that without this addition, waste may be dumped on roadsides.

More details will be coming as part of the 2022 budget issue paper presentations in November, waste director Mo Pannu told committee members.

Deputy Mayor Martin asked questions about when the County’s MRF (recycling plant) will be closing, and also when the Brighton landfill will be used up.

McCue replied that the Brighton Landfill has life to at least 2031/32 and that the County will issue an RFP this year to look at residual waste options in the future. The life of the county’s only land fill could be longer with other diversion programs, including the success of this year’s compost/organics pick ups, he also said.

And starting in 2023 when producers of waste will themselves be responsible for handling the materials they produce, this will impact the MRF. By 2024 Northumberland County will no longer be responsible for a recycling program (as is currently provided by the MRF near Grafton), according to the Provincial Government’s directives, McCue explained.

The County is therefore looking at a “strategy to divest itself” of the MRF and is ready to work with producers related to collection of recyclables during the transition period.

*Whoa! Talk about road widening. The future footprint of the 401 in Northumberland in this area is expected to be how many lanes?

        Study #1 (GWP 4005-17-00) includes structural needs of 3 bridges (Cranberry Road Bridge, Choate Road Bridge and Ganaraska River Bridge) and establishing the eight (8) and ten (10) lane future footprint of Highway 401 from 500m west of Cranberry Road to 450m east of County Road 28 (Ontario Street). 
        Study #2 (GWP 4010-21-00) includes future operational long term needs at the County Road 28 (Ontario Street) interchange, and structural needs of 2 bridges (County Road 28 bridge and Hamilton Road Bridge).                    Study #2 will be presented as part of a separate consultation process at a future date.