Province seeking input on Conservation Authority
Opportunity for public to consider the proposals

The Province is consulting with stakeholders and the public on the first phase in a series of proposed regulations that would be made under the Conservation Authorities Act.

Earlier this year, the Province established a Working Group of stakeholders to provide guidance in developing the proposed regulations. The working group consists of representatives from conservation authorities, Conservation Ontario, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, as well as the development and agricultural sectors. Based on the newly released Regulatory Proposal Consultation Guide, the proposed regulations for phase one are focused on

• the mandatory programs and services to be delivered by conservation authorities
• the proposed agreements that may be required with participating municipalities to fund non-mandatory programs and services through a municipal levy
• the transition period to establish those agreements
• the requirement to establish ‘community’ advisory boards, and
• the Minister’s section 29 regulation relating to conservation authority operation and management of lands owned by the authority

“We are examining the Regulations Consultation Guide at length to determine the ramifications to Lower Trent Conservation programs and services. We will be working closely with the Board of Directors and our municipal partners over the next year to develop the necessary agreements to meet their needs,” says Rhonda Bateman, CAO of Lower Trent Conservation.

Lower Trent Conservation (LTC) play a critical role in protecting our watershed. Beyond ensuring the government’s legislative and regulatory framework is enforced, LTC works broadly with our municipal partners and other stakeholders.

LTC’s objective as an organization is to ensure the regulations being developed by the Province can be effectively implemented and continue to contribute to our mandate to protect our watershed.

The final comment period for the provincial consultation is June 27th.

The consultation guide can be found on the Environmental Registry of Ontario at:
Later in the year, the Province will consult on the second phase of the proposed regulations.

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