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A group of passionate housing advocates is working towards making tiny homes a reality in Northumberland as a creative solution to the local housing crisis. Their next step involves seeking input from the community to help inform their planning.

A 10-question survey covering how big, what amenities and locations, will help the committee work towards a viable blueprint for not only the initial project but for future tiny homes in our county.

Think Tiny Homes Northumberland (TTHN), a chapter of Habitat for Humanity Northumberland (HFHN) was formed to promote the mission of  Habitat within the county through the realization of building tiny homes as an affordable, alternative option.

“The committee has done a significant amount of research and work,” says Nicole Beatty, TTHN chair. “We’re currently at the stage of securing a site in Northumberland that is zoned and serviced – or can be zoned and serviced – for our project.”

Tiny homes can be an innovative response to the affordable housing crisis.  TTHN is committed to aligning with and coordinating projects alongside Northumberland County’s Housing Strategy.

Help influence the committee’s project. Answer the 10-question survey on Think Tiny Homes Northumberland Facebook page or click on

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Editor’s Note: update to article: by Nicole Beatty

“While the quote from 2019 is true our vision/mandate has evolved over the past two years.  You can now report that with the entire County experiencing a housing crisis TTHN is searching for prospective sites across all of Northumberland.  Our priority is to find serviceable land that can be zoned accordingly while also working with the local municipal government on this innovative building project.  

Each municipality/township will have its own Official Plan and zoning by-law that addresses things like affordable housing and accessory dwelling units.  The Ontario Provincial Policy is encouraging the development of tiny homes.  In fact, the province has published its own “how to build a tiny home” guidebook.  We are aware that each community has its own policies and zoning requirements, which is why it is essential that we foster a positive working relationship with each council.  TTHN has not yet connected with local government or staff in Campbellford but we intend to in the foreseeable future.”